A New Approach To Quality Control

Athlecon Corporation has created a brilliantly simple process to simplify statistical interpretation - anywhere people are pouring over reams of numbers and trying to make timely and meaningful decisions. Better decisions lead to improved care in medical facilities, and improved efficiency in any sector. Athlecon has developed graphical tools that show "where you are relative to where you need to be". Our software converts data to information and uses standard and customized algorithms to recommend appropriate action. It helps clinical laboratories interpret Quality Control (QC) data and implement QC processes to meet defined quality requirements. We provide statistical quality control and quality assurance software and consulting services. Athlecon products are practical, graphical, user-definable and easy to use. Our "QC Suite" of software products provides clinical laboratories significant cost and time saving while delivering higher confidence in lab testing procedures and results. One of our main objectives is to provide Laboratory Managers and Technologists with QC software tools to better evaluate their QC results. It has become increasingly apparent with the evolution of quicker computer processing systems that this technology must also grow with it. Along with that, the manner in which the limits are applied to each of the test results become even more important to insure proper QC results are given to patients.